Greycells for your IT infrastructure needs

We at Greycells constitute to one of the best consulting service provider in U.A.E. Greycells is managed by a group of experienced and talented engineers who are the prime source of contact for the clients. Though technology might be complex but the business of the clients will have to run successfully with proper working of the hardware and software. This is the main goal of the Grey cells consulting services and recruitment team. The Grey cells are known for building, designing and maintaining the infrastructure with a 24 hours availability of business applications.

In the competitive world of today, the business needs and demands seem to be never ending. The huge advancements in science and technology have lead to the rise in the business demands. The efficient services delivery and the improvement of business performance are enabled through the robust infrastructure of IT. Each and every aspect of the IT disciple is addressed with the extensive services offered here by us at Grey cells.

The clients here at Grey cells include a wide range of sectors such as military, education, Government, commercial, industrial and manufacturing, non\profit etc. to name a few. The services provided here at Grey Cells are know for building long term plans for technology along with the technological guidance. The other services include Network planning, installation, designing and support. The Network security service reviews and the development of the remote access solutions is another important service rendered by us here at Grey Cells. The other services provided by us are Network monitoring, analysis for improvements, recommendation and optimization of the improvement plan for the service, remote as well as onsite technical support with the help of the support tools etc. to name a few. The development of the back up routine, outage notification routine, network monitoring, developing the disaster recovery and the emergency plans constitute the other various types of services provided here!